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Some functions don't work.


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    • Our plugin is not causing the issue.

      Hello. I run a Vanilla* server that runs on functions. We have a lot of players on so, we need the extra performance boost Spigot gives, but recently with the new functions being added, we've encountered a big issue...

      The server's gameLoopFunction works fine, it loads and is happy. The issue is that it only runs about 3/4 of the gameLoopFunction designated in-game.

      Here are all of our functions: https://github.com/TemplexMC/TemplexAdvancements/tree/master/functions/templex_standard

      The gameLoopFunction designated in-game is loop.mcfunction. But, it only runs about 3/4 of this function then stops running the rest. The weird thing is that the functions being executed in the loop.mcfunction that aren't being run only run the command "scoreboard players enable @a <trigger>" and "scoreboard players set @s <trigger> 0".

      We really love Spigot, but we can't run it with this bug present. Thanks!

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