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"Chat: commands only" setting is ignored


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      Players receive chat even if they've set chat to "commands only" in chat settings.

      This behavior is different from vanilla, where the message will not be visible. (Note: this issue is almost the oposite of MC-116824, where too little is visible. MC-116824 is actually fixed in craftbukkit already)

      To reproduce

      1. Connect two accounts to a server
      2. In one account, make sure that chat settings is set to "commands only".
      3. In the other, make sure it is set to "shown".
      4. Say something from the player set to shown.
      5. Observe that it is visible from both players, even though one player has chat disabled.

      This is a fixable issue both without any chat plugins, and with chat plugins that use AsyncPlayerChatEvent.setFormat. (For chat plugins that manually send chat messages, this is not fixable easily).

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