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stat.useItem.grass isn't recgonized.


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      It appers that many of the other stat.UseItems or stat.BreakItems are recognized by the scoreboards.

      but, ever since the update to 1.9.0 Scoreboards have stopped registering the stat.useitem.grass
      for scoreboards.

      Example: I make a scoreboard called "placegrass" and called it "Place Grass"

      I then do: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar placegrass
      ....then.. I place grass.. nothing happens.

      however, if I make scoreboards for other blocks like stone, cobble, diorite, gravel,
      dirt.. they all recognize and up the score by 1 point everytime I place those blocks.

      It appers to just be GRASS that isn't recognized any more.
      This essentially breaks a game that I created with some friends for use on a server setting.
      players can now no longer rankup past level 3 cause there score for placing grass dosnt work.

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