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Maven project Spigot-Essentials

#27+ = 1.13 (Legacy Mode - Not Recommended)
#26 = 1.12.2
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Essentials-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar1014.47 KB view
EssentialsAntiBuild-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar14.14 KB view
EssentialsChat-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar12.52 KB view
EssentialsGeoIP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar117.38 KB view
original-EssentialsGeoIP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar8.38 KB view
EssentialsProtect-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar19.12 KB view
EssentialsSpawn-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar16.44 KB view
EssentialsXMPP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar326.90 KB view
original-EssentialsXMPP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar23.60 KB view
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