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#11 (Apr 28, 2015, 1:29:49 PM)

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EssentialsGeoIP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar117.39 KB view
original-EssentialsGeoIP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar8.39 KB view
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EssentialsSpawn-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar16.45 KB view
EssentialsXMPP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar327.03 KB view
original-EssentialsXMPP-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar23.73 KB view
  1. andrewkm provided items.csv with shorter names for signs. (details)

Started by user cindy_k (cindy_k)

Revision: 88b409a04e0a488c4311424bee47a066f36bf033
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     EssentialsSpawn0.56 sec
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