Interface PlayerProfile

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, ConfigurationSerializable

public interface PlayerProfile extends Cloneable, ConfigurationSerializable
A player profile.

A player profile always provides a unique id, a non-empty name, or both. Its unique id and name are immutable, but other properties (such as its textures) can be altered.

New profiles can be created via Server.createPlayerProfile(UUID, String).

  • Method Details

    • getUniqueId

      @Nullable UUID getUniqueId()
      Gets the player's unique id.
      the player's unique id, or null if not available
    • getName

      @Nullable String getName()
      Gets the player name.
      the player name, or null if not available
    • getTextures

      @NotNull PlayerTextures getTextures()
      Gets the PlayerTextures of this profile.
      the textures, not null
    • setTextures

      void setTextures(@Nullable PlayerTextures textures)
      Copies the given textures.
      textures - the textures to copy, or null to clear the textures
    • isComplete

      boolean isComplete()
      Checks whether this profile is complete.

      A profile is currently considered complete if it has a name, a unique id, and textures.

      true if this profile is complete
    • update

      @NotNull CompletableFuture<PlayerProfile> update()
      Produces an updated player profile based on this profile.

      This tries to produce a completed profile by filling in missing properties (name, unique id, textures, etc.), and updates existing properties (e.g. name, textures, etc.) to their official and up-to-date values. This operation does not alter the current profile, but produces a new updated PlayerProfile.

      If no player exists for the unique id or name of this profile, this operation yields a profile that is equal to the current profile, which might not be complete.

      This is an asynchronous operation: Updating the profile can result in an outgoing connection in another thread in order to fetch the latest profile properties. The returned CompletableFuture will be completed once the updated profile is available. In order to not block the server's main thread, you should not wait for the result of the returned CompletableFuture on the server's main thread. Instead, if you want to do something with the updated player profile on the server's main thread once it is available, you could do something like this:

       profile.update().thenAcceptAsync(updatedProfile -> {
           // Do something with the updated profile:
           // ...
       }, runnable -> Bukkit.getScheduler().runTask(plugin, runnable));
      a completable future that gets completed with the updated PlayerProfile once it is available
    • clone

      @NotNull PlayerProfile clone()