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openjdk-17 is not recognized as general Java version


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      Trying to run PaperMC 1.20.1 server on Termux.

      Can not start due to openjdk-17 not being recognized as general Java version.


      Issue cause by:

      Commit #1191: Do not start on pre-release Java 17

      Lars Baum authored and md_5 committed 863dacb7a00

      Commited on 03 Jun 2023

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      String javaVersionName = System.getProperty("java.version");// J2SE SDK/JRE Version String Naming Conventionboolean isPreRelease = javaVersionName.contains("-");if (isPreRelease && javaVersion == 61.0)

      { System.err.println("Unsupported Java detected (" + javaVersionName + "). You are running an outdated, pre-release version. Only general availability versions of Java are supported. Please update your Java version."); return; }


      openjdk 17-internal 2021-09-14 is a fully featured, fully functioning version of openjdk 17.


      Even though the openjdk version is named as "17-internal", with the character "-" in the version name does not mean that it is a pre-release version of Java and that CraftBukkit can not run with that OpenJDK verion.

      Please fix this so that openjdk 17-internal works with CraftBukkit without issue.


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