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Player not displaying other player after join


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    • Java 17, spigot 1.8.8 with bungeecord, windows 10

    • 1.8.8
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      I'm having an issue right now, that is that when ever a player joins another world, they cannot see player that joined after them. For example, Player A joined and got teleported to x:0 y:1 z:0 at world2 (server default world is "world"). -> Player B joined and got teleported to x:0 y:1 z:0 at world2. Now Player A cannot see Player B, but Player B can see Player A (Player A joined before B), they can see each other in tablist and in chat. I can consistently produce this issue basically every time two players joined and got tp'ed to another world. This does not happen to my hub server when player gets teleported to spawn location using "p#getWorld()" as world. Sorry for my English it's not my first language, have a nice day!

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