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Grassblocks disapear when filled into water


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    • Ubuntu 21.10

      Server hosted on Aternos

    • Craftbukkit version 3484-Spigot-b6d12d1-7bc728a (MC: 1.18.2) Implementing API version 1.18.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
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      The objective was to use the /fill command to create a square island of grass blocks in place of the top level of the water.

      I received a message saying the blocks were successfully filled. Visually, it looked as if the water blocks were filled with air blocks, creating a void that was refilled by water.

      I do know the grass blocks where created because some grass seeds where floating in the water.

      Using the fill command with other blocks (stone, logs, fences, leaves) all worked correctly.

      Command: /fill 641 62 3275 686 62 3325 minecraft:grass

      Seed: 6737968182046887777

      add: Further use shows that filling with grass blocks with different shapes and nearby coords still results in grass blocks breaking once created.

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