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Clone a block onto a block with a non-generated loottable creates a barrier


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    • CraftBukkit version 3323-Spigot-7514aa3-c86a3f7 (MC: 1.18 Release Candidate 3) (Implementing API version 1.18-rc3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
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      If a block with a non generated loottable is replaced with the clone command the block turns into a barrier block. Sometimes the block is not updated client-side therefore the block looks like the original block.


      • Place two impulse command blocks above each other
      • Set the command of the lower command block to
        "setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:chest{LootTable:"minecraft:blocks/acacia_button"}"
      • Set the command of the upper command block to
        "clone ~ ~2 ~ ~ ~2 ~ ~ ~1 ~ replace"
      • Activate only the lower command block (for example with a redstone block)
      • A chest will appear on the upper command block
      • Activate only the upper command block (for example with a redstone block)
      • Right click the chest if it is still visible
      • The chest turned into a barrier block

      Demonstration video: https://imgur.com/TxtK7PN

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