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Bungee Hover Events leads to malformed JSON components some of the time in 1.16



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    • mcMMO and other plugins that use hover in TextComponents
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      The following issue is a bit unusual, I cannot reproduce it, yet I am fairly certain it exists. Talking to other developers it seems no one has gotten to the bottom of this yet.

      This issue so far has only been seen with bungee hover components.

      The code in mcMMO involving JSON (and has used hover components since) has not changed from version 1.13.2 to now, and as of 1.16 certain users minecraft clients are receiving malformed JSON components causing them to disconnect from the server. Some users report that the issue happens randomly, some users say that they can reproduce it reliably. I do not know how to reproduce it currently.

      The client side error typically reads like this

      io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: com.google.gson.JsonParseException: Don't know how to turn {...} into component


      Has anything significant changed relating to bungee hover implementation in 1.16? Some other plugin authors are getting this issue reported to them as well. I'm getting daily reports about it on my discord. It appears to be a known issue but without a known cause.




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