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Spigot 1.16 freezes and stops itself after preparing spawn


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    • OS: Windows 10

      CPU: Intel i5 4760

      Memory: 8GB (assigned 4GB to spigot)

    • git-Spigot-758abbe-38de0b8 (MC: 1.16.1)
    • no plugins are used
    • Yes

      Right after preparing spawn for all 3 dimensions, spigot freezes and does not respond to any connection or commands, and it gives a bunch of errors and stop itself. I have tried several world files and none of them work, they all work in vanilla server.

      original issue:  https://hub.spigotmc.org/jira/browse/SPIGOT-5874


      As you said my J1900 is too slow for the server, i did it on my pc and the same problem happens

      my pc has an i5 4670 which should be fast enough to run it

      (see the attached image)


      thank you a dozen for checking this and making us spigot

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