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Villager not workstation and professions not working properly.


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      Windows 10 64 bit 32gb ram amd ryzen 3700x 8gb ram reserved to spigot and 4 netty threads set in spigot yml.

      raspberry pi 4 4gb using 3gb ram for spigot

    • 1.15.2
    • Yes

      When either bringing a villager into range of a workstation, even one that is already in use by another villager, the new villager automatically sets profession and that profession gets locked. If you place a block in front of a blank villager, the same thing will happen they will change to the profession of the block then will not reset back to a blank villager after removing the block. This all happens regardless of the time of day in minecraft.

      Villagers end up sharing workstations, for example there is a librarian with a locked trade,another villager walks near him and is now a librarian.

      this is a issue with both natural, bred and spawned villagers.

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