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BossBar returns nullpointer when value is not null


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    • Windows environment.  Server setup via buildtools, localhost.

    • Spigot 1.15.1
    • CraftBukkit
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      Strange NullPointerException being encountered, but participating objects are NOT null. This can be verified via the log & code files provided. Basically, I create a new Bossbar. When a player logs in, I add them to this Bossbar. However, on the .addPlayer(Player p) method is when the NullPointer gets thrown.


      This makes no sense, as I know for a fact that all participating objects are not null. I also updated to the latest spigot version & latest build tool versions.


      The code:


      public void playerLogin(PlayerLoginEvent event) { 
          Player p = event.getPlayer();
          NationPlayer newPlayer = new NationPlayer(p);         Statics.getPlayerMap().put(newPlayer.getBukkitPlayer().getUniqueId(), newPlayer); 
      System.out.println("getServerBar() returns: " + Statics.getServerBar()); System.out.println(p + " is the value of the bukkit player"); 
      BossBar bar = Bukkit.createBossBar(ChatColor.YELLOW + "Nations at War", BarColor.RED, BarStyle.SOLID); System.out.println(p.getUniqueId() + " is the uuid of the player!");
      bar.addPlayer(p);//null every time. p is not null!

      I have tested and retested 500 times, but everything points to the add() method, and I know with certainty that the passed values are not null.



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