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Shulker box dyeing recipe is missing shulker box as ingredient


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    • Windows 10, Java 1.8.0_201, and also Debian 9 with same Java

    • git-Spigot-9de398a-9c887d4 (MC: 1.14.4)
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      The Bukkit#recipeIterator incorrectly returns a recipe that changes a bone meal item into a white shulker box. It appears this is the standard recipe to dye the shulker box, however, missing a shulker box as the ingredient. 

      I presume this is an issue with the translation of MC recipe objects into Spigot recipe objects, which could explain a lot of other bugs I've seen in the recipe APIs since 1.13


      Offending code -> https://hub.spigotmc.org/stash/projects/SPIGOT/repos/craftbukkit/browse/nms-patches/RecipeShulkerBox.patch



      This "bogus" data, while not used for MC recipes, is used for Bukkit's recipe API

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