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Where do Minecraft particles get their color from?


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    • Where do Minecraft particles get their color from?

    • 1.14.3
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      I've made a resourcepack and I wanted to change the look of the particles, ESPECIALLY the Portal particles (for nether portal, enderman, enderchest...). I managed to change the shape by changing the PNG textures of the generic_0 to generic_7 files in the particle folder (assets > minecraft > textures > particle).

      But when I tested it in Minecraft, something weird happened. The shape of the portal particle changed, but the color is red.

      I tried to find the source of the color and the way to change it, but I can't find anything. I've read somewhere that the red color is actually the default color. Someone said that the color of the Portal particle depends on the nether portal effect color (in the textures > block folder), so I tried to change it, but it didn't work, so at this point the waving nether portal effect in my minecraft is green and the Portal particle effect coming out of it is red.

      Is there any source where minecraft takes the color from and puts it in the Portal particle? And if there is, is there a way to change it?

      Thank you for reading

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