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Per world view distance causes chunks to glitch


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    • Java 8 build 211

      Windows 10

      java -jar -Xms256m -Xmx8G spigot-1.14.jar

    • CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-e4be9b0-a875ee4
    • AnkaCore
    • Yes

      When spawning or teleporting to world loaded by plugins (my creative and games map)

      The world has 15 of view distance.

      Loaded with this code :

      WorldCreator creator = WorldCreator.name("world_games");
      world = Bukkit.createWorld(creator);
      world.setGameRule(GameRule.DO_DAYLIGHT_CYCLE, false);
      world.setGameRule(GameRule.DO_FIRE_TICK, false);
      world.setGameRule(GameRule.DO_WEATHER_CYCLE, false);
      world.setGameRule(GameRule.MOB_GRIEFING, false);
      world.setGameRule(GameRule.RANDOM_TICK_SPEED, 0);

      The map load the first 9 chunk normally, and the chunk at 10 chunk from my spawn point is loaded only where i was close to it (1 chunk).

      All other chunk never load, i can only load the 20chunk² around my spawn point.

      If i quit and join, do the same and my new spawn point is the center of this new loaded area.


      I tried before and after the commit called "Fix loading secondary worlds", no change.

      I have only one plugins, mine, managing many part of the server, but doesn't affect the chunk loading for this map (custom generator for creative map, but same problem).

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