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[Functions] Execute @p does not work in multiplayer servers


      In my server, I have a book that adds a tag to a player when the text is clicked.


      /scoreboard players tag @s add BeachHouse

      (Here's the code to get a sample book)

      /give @p minecraft:written_book 1 0 {title:"",author:"",generation:0,pages:["{text:\"Beach House\",color:black,clickEvent:{action:'run_command',value:\"/scoreboard players tag @s add BeachHouse\"}}"]}

      Then, I have a function setup that works in singleplayer, but not multiplayer. The command with execute does not carry out.

      NOTE: This line of commands DO work with a repeating & chain command block setup in multiplayer

      tp @p[tag=BeachHouse] 273 63 79 0 0
      title @p[tag=BeachHouse] times 20 20 20
      title @p[tag=BeachHouse] title ["",{"text":"Beach House","color":"blue","underlined":true}]
      playsound minecraft:entity.endermen.teleport hostile @p[tag=BeachHouse] ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1
      execute @p[tag=BeachHouse] ~ ~ ~ particle dragonbreath ~ ~2 ~ 1 1 1 .5 200
      scoreboard players tag @p[tag=BeachHouse] remove BeachHouse

      I tried this again with the official server.jar and the bug does not occur. This is a specific Spigot issue.

      I have provided the function so you can install and try for yourselves in both singleplayer and multiplayer

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