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Spigot craftbukkit server setup request


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      Dear Sirs,
      I am trying to transfer our LAN server setup from a Bukkit (craftbukkit-1.7.10-R0.1-20140716.024944-5.jar) to your craftbukkit-1.8.jar setup but we use a plugin call Godbot to setup some basic minecraft commands to be easy to use for some of our minecraft players on our server to use. I would like help with setting up the Godbot plugin to work with your craftbukkit 1.8.jar to continue to let our players use the command controls that Godbot sets up. I have put the Godbot plugin in the plugins folder in the craftbukkit parent folder and all the rest of the new server setup works but not the Godbot plugin commands. I can send you a screen shot of server directory list and the Godbot plugin information if needed. We also use the World Edit, World Guard, & Essential plugins with our server and the new server setup is got those plugins working too.
      Any help / direction would greatly welcomed.
      Thanks John Wherry

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