1. #501: Add PersistentDataHolder to Chunk (details)
  2. #556: Allow sending messages from specific UUIDs (details)
  3. Misc maven build updates (details)
Commit 92b99cde85a1f0735b9ff504da1f8451a08fa959 by md_5 (md_5)
#501: Add PersistentDataHolder to Chunk
The file was modifiedsrc/main/java/org/bukkit/
Commit 746f5324a3f0de4be69d6155b52cc83c9a67f5ca by md_5 (md_5)
#556: Allow sending messages from specific UUIDs
The file was modifiedsrc/main/java/org/bukkit/conversations/
The file was modifiedsrc/main/java/org/bukkit/command/
The file was modifiedsrc/test/java/org/bukkit/conversations/
Commit 01e22e09726e700776739ec0662acd30e7844cec by md_5 (md_5)
Misc maven build updates
The file was modifiedpom.xml