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Build #8 (Nov 8, 2017, 10:47:07 PM)

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  1. Fix a null pointer issue with getenv (details)
  2. BUILDTOOLS-91: Remove LVT as part of final remap stage. (details)
  3. Add option to check for hash of Vanilla server jar. (details)
  4. Add a simple GUI for double-clickers (details)
  5. Set a sane autocrlf value on fresh clones. (details)
  6. Disable GUI check as there are sometimes when this will trigger even (details)
  7. Use https for Maven download. (details)
  8. Implement changes required for Minecraft 1.9 (details)
  9. Make sure that older builds can still be built. (details)
  10. Make Spigot error log message nicer. (details)
  11. Use more direct BuildTools link (details)
  12. Blacklist some special chars (details)
  13. Just check for mostly problematic ' (details)
  14. Update dependency versions (details)
  15. Fixed issues relating to the Windows 10 Ubuntu bash (details)
  16. Add a slf4j agent to squelch warning message (details)
  17. SPIGOT-39: Try falling back to bash if no shell set (details)
  18. BUILDTOOLS-301: Use sh for all scripts. (details)
  19. Upgrade lombok for better IDE support (details)
  20. Downgrade joptsimple for Java compatibility. (details)
  21. Add server URL reading and correct building outdated versions per (details)
  22. Add warning about old/new java versions (details)
  23. Various updates (details)
  24. BUILDTOOLS-140: # is not a supported path character (details)
  25. No longer warn on Java 9 (nearing release) (details)
  26. BUILDTOOLS-356: Check includes for git author / email (details)
  27. BUILDTOOLS-359: OS X filesystem cruft can break build (details)
  28. Update depends (details)
  29. Automatic git downloading on Windows (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. BuildTools #28#66 (detail)

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