Package org.spigotmc

Class CustomTimingsHandler


public class CustomTimingsHandler extends Object
Provides custom timing sections for /timings merged.
  • Constructor Details

    • CustomTimingsHandler

      public CustomTimingsHandler(@NotNull String name)
    • CustomTimingsHandler

      public CustomTimingsHandler(@NotNull String name, @Nullable CustomTimingsHandler parent)
  • Method Details

    • printTimings

      public static void printTimings(@NotNull PrintStream printStream)
      Prints the timings and extra data to the given stream.
      printStream - output stream
    • reload

      public static void reload()
      Resets all timings.
    • tick

      public static void tick()
      Ticked every tick by CraftBukkit to count the number of times a timer caused TPS loss.
    • startTiming

      public void startTiming()
      Starts timing to track a section of code.
    • stopTiming

      public void stopTiming()
      Stops timing a section of code.
    • reset

      public void reset()
      Reset this timer, setting all values to zero.