Class PrepareItemCraftEvent

public class PrepareItemCraftEvent extends InventoryEvent
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    • getRecipe

      @Nullable public Recipe getRecipe()
      Get the recipe that has been formed. If this event was triggered by a tool repair, this will be a temporary shapeless recipe representing the repair.
      The recipe being crafted.
    • getInventory

      @NotNull public CraftingInventory getInventory()
      Description copied from class: InventoryEvent
      Gets the primary Inventory involved in this transaction
      getInventory in class InventoryEvent
      The crafting inventory on which the recipe was formed.
    • isRepair

      public boolean isRepair()
      Check if this event was triggered by a tool repair operation rather than a crafting recipe.
      True if this is a repair.
    • getHandlers

      @NotNull public HandlerList getHandlers()
      getHandlers in class InventoryEvent
    • getHandlerList

      @NotNull public static HandlerList getHandlerList()