Interface TabCompleter

All Known Subinterfaces:
Plugin, TabExecutor
All Known Implementing Classes:
JavaPlugin, PluginBase

public interface TabCompleter
Represents a class which can suggest tab completions for commands.
  • Method Details

    • onTabComplete

      @Nullable List<String> onTabComplete(@NotNull CommandSender sender, @NotNull Command command, @NotNull String label, @NotNull String[] args)
      Requests a list of possible completions for a command argument.
      sender - Source of the command. For players tab-completing a command inside of a command block, this will be the player, not the command block.
      command - Command which was executed
      label - Alias of the command which was used
      args - The arguments passed to the command, including final partial argument to be completed
      A List of possible completions for the final argument, or null to default to the command executor