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Specific BlockData classes relevant to only a given block or set of blocks.
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    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  Bed
    Similar to Bisected, 'part' denotes which half of the bed this block corresponds to.
    interface  Beehive
    'honey_level' represents the amount of honey stored in the hive.
    interface  Bell
    'attachment' denotes how the bell is attached to its block.
    interface  Campfire
    'signal_fire' denotes whether the fire is extra smokey due to having a hay bale placed beneath it.
    interface  Chest
    'type' represents which part of a double chest this block is, or if it is a single chest.
    interface  Cocoa  
    interface  CommandBlock
    'conditional' denotes whether this command block is conditional or not, i.e.
    interface  Comparator
    'mode' indicates what mode this comparator will operate in.
    interface  CoralWallFan  
    interface  Dispenser
    Similar to Powerable, 'triggered' indicates whether or not the dispenser is currently activated.
    interface  Door
    'hinge' indicates which hinge this door is attached to and will rotate around when opened.
    interface  EnderChest  
    interface  EndPortalFrame
    'eye' denotes whether this end portal frame has been activated by having an eye of ender placed in it.
    interface  Furnace  
    interface  Gate
    'in_wall" indicates if the fence gate is attached to a wall, and if true the texture is lowered by a small amount to blend in better.
    interface  Grindstone  
    interface  Hopper
    Similar to Powerable, 'enabled' indicates whether or not the hopper is currently activated.
    interface  Ladder  
    interface  Lectern
    'has_book' is a quick flag to check whether this lectern has a book inside it.
    interface  Observer  
    interface  Piston
    'extended' denotes whether the piston head is currently extended or not.
    interface  PistonHead
    'short' denotes this piston head is shorter than the usual amount because it is currently retracting.
    interface  RedstoneWallTorch  
    interface  Repeater
    'delay' is the propagation delay of a repeater, i.e.
    interface  Stairs
    'shape' represents the texture and bounding box shape of these stairs.
    interface  Switch  
    interface  TechnicalPiston
    'type' represents the type of piston which this (technical) block corresponds to.
    interface  TrapDoor  
    interface  TripwireHook  
    interface  WallSign