Interface Directional

All Superinterfaces:
BlockData, Cloneable
All Known Subinterfaces:
AmethystCluster, Barrel, Bed, Beehive, Bell, BigDripleaf, CalibratedSculkSensor, Campfire, Chest, ChiseledBookshelf, Cocoa, CommandBlock, Comparator, CoralWallFan, DecoratedPot, Dispenser, Door, Dripleaf, EnderChest, EndPortalFrame, Furnace, Gate, Grindstone, Hopper, Ladder, Lectern, LightningRod, Observer, PinkPetals, Piston, PistonHead, RedstoneWallTorch, Repeater, SmallDripleaf, Stairs, Switch, TechnicalPiston, TrapDoor, TripwireHook, Vault, WallHangingSign, WallSign

public interface Directional extends BlockData
'facing' represents the face towards which the block is pointing.
Some blocks may not be able to face in all directions, use getFaces() to get all possible directions for this block.
  • Method Details

    • getFacing

      @NotNull BlockFace getFacing()
      Gets the value of the 'facing' property.
      the 'facing' value
    • setFacing

      void setFacing(@NotNull BlockFace facing)
      Sets the value of the 'facing' property.
      facing - the new 'facing' value
    • getFaces

      @NotNull Set<BlockFace> getFaces()
      Gets the faces which are applicable to this block.
      the allowed 'facing' values