Package org.bukkit

Annotation Interface MinecraftExperimental

@Documented @Retention(CLASS) @Target({TYPE,ANNOTATION_TYPE,METHOD,CONSTRUCTOR,FIELD,PACKAGE}) @Internal public @interface MinecraftExperimental
Indicates that the annotated element (class, method, field, etc.) is part of a minecraft experimental feature and is subject to changes by Mojang.

Note: Elements marked with this annotation require the use of a datapack or otherwise non-standard feature to be enabled on the server.

See Also:
  • Element Details

    • value

      Get the feature that must be enabled for the annotated object to be valid.

      While this value is not used anywhere in Bukkit, it is a convenience value to assist in locating relevant annotated elements for removal once no longer deemed an experimental feature by Minecraft. See MinecraftExperimental.Requires for information about use in plugins.

      the required feature flag