Interface MerchantInventory

All Superinterfaces:
Inventory, Iterable<ItemStack>

public interface MerchantInventory extends Inventory
Represents a trading inventory between a player and a merchant.
The holder of this Inventory is the owning Villager, or null if the player is trading with a merchant created by a plugin.
  • Method Details

    • getSelectedRecipeIndex

      int getSelectedRecipeIndex()
      Get the index of the currently selected recipe.
      the index of the currently selected recipe
    • getSelectedRecipe

      @Nullable MerchantRecipe getSelectedRecipe()
      Get the currently active recipe.

      This will be null if the items provided by the player do not match the ingredients of the selected recipe. This does not necessarily match the recipe selected by the player: If the player has selected the first recipe, the merchant will search all of its offers for a matching recipe to activate.

      the currently active recipe
    • getMerchant

      @NotNull Merchant getMerchant()
      Gets the Merchant associated with this inventory.