Interface BrewerInventory

All Superinterfaces:
Inventory, Iterable<ItemStack>

public interface BrewerInventory extends Inventory
Interface to the inventory of a Brewing Stand.
  • Method Details

    • getIngredient

      @Nullable ItemStack getIngredient()
      Get the current ingredient for brewing.
      The ingredient.
    • setIngredient

      void setIngredient(@Nullable ItemStack ingredient)
      Set the current ingredient for brewing.
      ingredient - The ingredient
    • getFuel

      @Nullable ItemStack getFuel()
      Get the current fuel for brewing.
      The fuel
    • setFuel

      void setFuel(@Nullable ItemStack fuel)
      Set the current fuel for brewing. Generally only Material.BLAZE_POWDER will be of use.
      fuel - The fuel
    • getHolder

      @Nullable BrewingStand getHolder()
      Description copied from interface: Inventory
      Gets the block or entity belonging to the open inventory
      Specified by:
      getHolder in interface Inventory
      The holder of the inventory; null if it has no holder.