Interface EnderDragon

All Superinterfaces:
Attributable, Boss, CommandSender, ComplexLivingEntity, Damageable, Enemy, Entity, LivingEntity, Lootable, Metadatable, Mob, Nameable, Permissible, PersistentDataHolder, ProjectileSource, ServerOperator

public interface EnderDragon extends ComplexLivingEntity, Boss, Mob, Enemy
Represents an Ender Dragon
  • Method Details

    • getPhase

      @NotNull EnderDragon.Phase getPhase()
      Gets the current phase that the dragon is performing.
      the current phase
    • setPhase

      void setPhase(@NotNull EnderDragon.Phase phase)
      Sets the next phase for the dragon to perform.
      phase - the next phase
    • getDragonBattle

      @Nullable DragonBattle getDragonBattle()
      Get the DragonBattle associated with this EnderDragon.
      This will return null for the following reasons:
      • The EnderDragon is not in the End dimension
      • The EnderDragon was summoned by command/API
      the dragon battle
      See Also:
    • getDeathAnimationTicks

      int getDeathAnimationTicks()
      Get the current time in ticks relative to the start of this dragon's death animation. If this dragon is alive, 0 will be returned. This value will never exceed 200 (the length of the animation).
      this dragon's death animation ticks