Interface Damageable

All Superinterfaces:
CommandSender, Entity, Metadatable, Nameable, Permissible, PersistentDataHolder, ServerOperator
All Known Subinterfaces:
AbstractHorse, AbstractVillager, Ageable, Ambient, Animals, ArmorStand, Bat, Bee, Blaze, Breedable, Cat, CaveSpider, ChestedHorse, Chicken, Cod, ComplexLivingEntity, Cow, Creature, Creeper, Dolphin, Donkey, Drowned, ElderGuardian, EnderDragon, EnderDragonPart, Enderman, Endermite, Evoker, Fish, Flying, Fox, Ghast, Giant, Golem, Guardian, Hoglin, Horse, HumanEntity, Husk, Illager, Illusioner, IronGolem, LivingEntity, Llama, MagmaCube, Mob, Monster, Mule, MushroomCow, NPC, Ocelot, Panda, Parrot, Phantom, Pig, Piglin, PiglinAbstract, PiglinBrute, PigZombie, Pillager, Player, PolarBear, PufferFish, Rabbit, Raider, Ravager, Salmon, Sheep, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, SkeletonHorse, Slime, Snowman, Spellcaster, Spider, Squid, Steerable, Stray, Strider, Tameable, TraderLlama, TropicalFish, Turtle, Vex, Villager, Vindicator, WanderingTrader, WaterMob, Witch, Wither, WitherSkeleton, Wolf, Zoglin, Zombie, ZombieHorse, ZombieVillager

public interface Damageable
extends Entity
Represents an Entity that has health and can take damage.
  • Method Details

    • damage

      void damage​(double amount)
      Deals the given amount of damage to this entity.
      amount - Amount of damage to deal
    • damage

      void damage​(double amount, @Nullable Entity source)
      Deals the given amount of damage to this entity, from a specified entity.
      amount - Amount of damage to deal
      source - Entity which to attribute this damage from
    • getHealth

      double getHealth()
      Gets the entity's health from 0 to getMaxHealth(), where 0 is dead.
      Health represented from 0 to max
    • setHealth

      void setHealth​(double health)
      Sets the entity's health from 0 to getMaxHealth(), where 0 is dead.
      health - New health represented from 0 to max
      IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if the health is < 0 or > getMaxHealth()
    • getAbsorptionAmount

      double getAbsorptionAmount()
      Gets the entity's absorption amount.
      absorption amount from 0
    • setAbsorptionAmount

      void setAbsorptionAmount​(double amount)
      Sets the entity's absorption amount.
      amount - new absorption amount from 0
      IllegalArgumentException - thrown if health is < 0 or non-finite.
    • getMaxHealth

      @Deprecated double getMaxHealth()
      Gets the maximum health this entity has.
      Maximum health
    • setMaxHealth

      @Deprecated void setMaxHealth​(double health)
      Sets the maximum health this entity can have.

      If the health of the entity is above the value provided it will be set to that value.

      Note: An entity with a health bar (Player, EnderDragon, Wither, etc...} will have their bar scaled accordingly.

      health - amount of health to set the maximum to
    • resetMaxHealth

      @Deprecated void resetMaxHealth()
      Resets the max health to the original amount.