Interface ConversationCanceller

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ExactMatchConversationCanceller, InactivityConversationCanceller, ManuallyAbandonedConversationCanceller

public interface ConversationCanceller extends Cloneable
A ConversationCanceller is a class that cancels an active Conversation. A Conversation can have more than one ConversationCanceller.
  • Method Details

    • setConversation

      void setConversation(@NotNull Conversation conversation)
      Sets the conversation this ConversationCanceller can optionally cancel.
      conversation - A conversation.
    • cancelBasedOnInput

      boolean cancelBasedOnInput(@NotNull ConversationContext context, @NotNull String input)
      Cancels a conversation based on user input.
      context - Context information about the conversation.
      input - The input text from the user.
      True to cancel the conversation, False otherwise.
    • clone

      @NotNull ConversationCanceller clone()
      Allows the ConversationFactory to duplicate this ConversationCanceller when creating a new Conversation.

      Implementing this method should reset any internal object state.

      A clone.