Package org.bukkit.potion

package org.bukkit.potion
Classes to represent various potion properties and manipulation.
  • Class
    Represents a brewer that can create PotionEffects.
    Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
    Upgraded / extended potions are now their own PotionType use them instead.
    Represents a potion effect, that can be added to a LivingEntity.
    Represents a type of potion and its effect on an entity.
    Represents a category of PotionEffectType and its effect on an entity.
    only for backwards compatibility, PotionEffectTypeWrapper is no longer used.
    This enum reflects and matches each potion state that can be obtained from the Creative mode inventory
    Do not use, interface will get removed, and the plugin won't run