Class MapRenderer


public abstract class MapRenderer extends Object
Represents a renderer for a map.
  • Constructor Details

    • MapRenderer

      public MapRenderer()
      Initialize the map renderer base to be non-contextual. See isContextual().
    • MapRenderer

      public MapRenderer(boolean contextual)
      Initialize the map renderer base with the given contextual status.
      contextual - Whether the renderer is contextual. See isContextual().
  • Method Details

    • isContextual

      public final boolean isContextual()
      Get whether the renderer is contextual, i.e. has different canvases for different players.
      True if contextual, false otherwise.
    • initialize

      public void initialize(@NotNull MapView map)
      Initialize this MapRenderer for the given map.
      map - The MapView being initialized.
    • render

      public abstract void render(@NotNull MapView map, @NotNull MapCanvas canvas, @NotNull Player player)
      Render to the given map.
      map - The MapView being rendered to.
      canvas - The canvas to use for rendering.
      player - The player who triggered the rendering.