Class IndexHelpTopic


public class IndexHelpTopic extends HelpTopic
This help topic generates a list of other help topics. This class is useful for adding your own index help topics. To enforce a particular order, use a sorted collection.

If a preamble is provided to the constructor, that text will be displayed before the first item in the index.

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    • setTopicsCollection

      protected void setTopicsCollection(@NotNull Collection<HelpTopic> topics)
      Sets the contents of the internal allTopics collection.
      topics - The topics to set.
    • canSee

      public boolean canSee(@NotNull CommandSender sender)
      Description copied from class: HelpTopic
      Determines if a Player is allowed to see this help topic.

      HelpTopic implementations should take server administrator wishes into account as set by the HelpTopic.amendCanSee(String) function.

      Specified by:
      canSee in class HelpTopic
      sender - The Player in question.
      True of the Player can see this help topic, false otherwise.
    • amendCanSee

      public void amendCanSee(@Nullable String amendedPermission)
      Description copied from class: HelpTopic
      Allows the server administrator to override the permission required to see a help topic.

      HelpTopic implementations should take this into account when determining topic visibility on the HelpTopic.canSee(org.bukkit.command.CommandSender) function.

      amendCanSee in class HelpTopic
      amendedPermission - The permission node the server administrator wishes to apply to this topic.
    • getFullText

      @NotNull public String getFullText(@NotNull CommandSender sender)
      Description copied from class: HelpTopic
      Returns the full description of this help topic that is displayed when the user requests this topic's details.

      The result will be paginated to properly fit the user's client.

      getFullText in class HelpTopic
      sender - The player or console requesting the full text. Useful for further security trimming the command's full text based on sub-permissions in custom implementations.
      A full topic description.
    • buildPreamble

      @NotNull protected String buildPreamble(@NotNull CommandSender sender)
      Builds the topic preamble. Override this method to change how the index preamble looks.
      sender - The command sender requesting the preamble.
      The topic preamble.
    • buildIndexLine

      @NotNull protected String buildIndexLine(@NotNull CommandSender sender, @NotNull HelpTopic topic)
      Builds individual lines in the index topic. Override this method to change how index lines are rendered.
      sender - The command sender requesting the index line.
      topic - The topic to render into an index line.
      The rendered index line.