Interface LimitedRegion

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public interface LimitedRegion extends RegionAccessor
A limited region is used in world generation for features which are going over a chunk. For example, trees or ores. Use getBuffer() to know how much you can go beyond the central chunk. The buffer zone may or may not be already populated. The coordinates are absolute from the world origin.
  • Method Details

    • getBuffer

      int getBuffer()
      Gets the buffer around the central chunk which is accessible. The returned value is in normal world coordinate scale.

      For example: If the method returns 16 you have a working area of 48x48.

      The buffer in X and Z direction
    • isInRegion

      boolean isInRegion(@NotNull Location location)
      Checks if the given Location is in the region.
      location - the location to check
      true if the location is in the region, otherwise false.
    • isInRegion

      boolean isInRegion(int x, int y, int z)
      Checks if the given coordinates are in the region.
      x - X-coordinate to check
      y - Y-coordinate to check
      z - Z-coordinate to check
      true if the coordinates are in the region, otherwise false.
    • getTileEntities

      @NotNull List<BlockState> getTileEntities()
      Gets a list of all tile entities in the limited region including the buffer zone.
      a list of tile entities.