Class BellResonateEvent

public class BellResonateEvent extends BlockEvent
Called when a bell resonated after being rung and highlights nearby raiders. A bell will only resonate if raiders are in the vicinity of the bell.
  • Constructor Details

    • BellResonateEvent

      public BellResonateEvent(@NotNull Block theBlock, @NotNull List<LivingEntity> resonatedEntities)
  • Method Details

    • getResonatedEntities

      @NotNull public List<LivingEntity> getResonatedEntities()
      Get a mutable list of all LivingEntities to be highlighted by the bell's resonating. This list can be added to or removed from to change which entities are highlighted, and may be empty if no entities were resonated as a result of this event.

      While the highlighted entities will change, the particles that display over a resonated entity and their colors will not. This is handled by the client and cannot be controlled by the server.

      a list of resonated entities
    • getHandlers

      @NotNull public HandlerList getHandlers()
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      getHandlers in class Event
    • getHandlerList

      @NotNull public static HandlerList getHandlerList()