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Specific BlockData classes relevant to only a given block or set of blocks.
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    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  Campfire
    'signal_fire' denotes whether the fire is extra smokey due to having a hay bale placed beneath it.
    interface  Chain  
    interface  Chest
    'type' represents which part of a double chest this block is, or if it is a single chest.
    interface  CoralWallFan  
    interface  EnderChest  
    interface  Fence  
    interface  GlassPane  
    interface  Ladder  
    interface  Lantern
    'hanging' denotes whether the lantern is hanging from a block.
    interface  Scaffolding
    'bottom' indicates whether the scaffolding is floating or not.
    interface  SeaPickle
    'pickles' indicates the number of pickles in this block.
    interface  Sign  
    interface  Slab
    'type' represents what state the slab is in - either top, bottom, or a double slab occupying the full block.
    interface  Stairs
    'shape' represents the texture and bounding box shape of these stairs.
    interface  TrapDoor  
    interface  Wall
    This class encompasses the 'north', 'east', 'south', 'west', height flags which are used to set the height of a wall.
    interface  WallSign