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Specific BlockData classes relevant to only a given block or set of blocks.
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    interface  Bell
    'attachment' denotes how the bell is attached to its block.
    interface  Comparator
    'mode' indicates what mode this comparator will operate in.
    interface  Door
    'hinge' indicates which hinge this door is attached to and will rotate around when opened.
    interface  Gate
    'in_wall" indicates if the fence gate is attached to a wall, and if true the texture is lowered by a small amount to blend in better.
    interface  Lectern
    'has_book' is a quick flag to check whether this lectern has a book inside it.
    interface  NoteBlock
    'instrument' is the type of sound made when this note block is activated.
    interface  Observer  
    interface  RedstoneRail
    A type of minecart rail which interacts with redstone in one way or another.
    interface  Repeater
    'delay' is the propagation delay of a repeater, i.e.
    interface  Switch  
    interface  TrapDoor  
    interface  Tripwire
    'disarmed' denotes that the tripwire was broken with shears and will not subsequently produce a current when destroyed.
    interface  TripwireHook