Package org.bukkit.util

package org.bukkit.util
Multi and single purpose classes to facilitate various programmatic concepts.
  • Class
    Holds the result of searching for a biome.
    This class performs ray tracing and iterates along blocks on a line
    A BlockTransformer is used to modify blocks that are placed by structure.
    The TransformationState allows access to the original block state and the block state of the block that was at the location of the transformation in the world before the transformation started.
    A vector with a hash function that floors the X, Y, Z components, a la BlockVector in WorldEdit.
    A mutable axis aligned bounding box (AABB).
    This is a cached version of a server-icon.
    The ChatPaginator takes a raw string of arbitrary length and breaks it down into an array of strings appropriate for displaying on the Minecraft player console.
    Use Consumer instead
    A EntityTransformer is used to modify entities that are spawned by structure.
    EulerAngle is used to represent 3 angles, one for each axis (x, y, z).
    Class containing file utilities
    Utils for casting number types to other number types
    OldEnum<T extends OldEnum<T>>
    only for backwards compatibility.
    The hit result of a ray trace.
    Holds the result of searching for a structure.
    Represents an arbitrary affine transformation.
    Represents a mutable vector.
    A shape made out of voxels.