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Package Description
The root package of the Bukkit API, contains generalized API classes.
Classes used to manipulate the voxels in a world, including special states.
Interfaces for non-voxel objects that can exist in a world, including all players, monsters, projectiles, etc.
Interfaces for various Minecart types.
  • Uses of Metadatable in org.bukkit

    Subinterfaces of Metadatable in org.bukkit 
    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  World
    Represents a world, which may contain entities, chunks and blocks
  • Uses of Metadatable in org.bukkit.block

    Subinterfaces of Metadatable in org.bukkit.block 
    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  Banner
    Represents a captured state of a banner.
    interface  Barrel
    Represents a captured state of a Barrel.
    interface  Beacon
    Represents a captured state of a beacon.
    interface  Bed
    does not provide useful information beyond the material itself
    interface  Beehive
    Represents a captured state of a bee hive.
    interface  Bell
    Represents a captured state of Bell.
    interface  BlastFurnace
    Represents a captured state of a blast furnace.
    interface  Block
    Represents a block.
    interface  BlockState
    Represents a captured state of a block, which will not change automatically.
    interface  BrewingStand
    Represents a captured state of a brewing stand.
    interface  Campfire
    Represents a captured state of a campfire.
    interface  Chest
    Represents a captured state of a chest.
    interface  CommandBlock
    Represents a captured state of a command block.
    interface  Comparator
    Represents a captured state of an on / off comparator.
    interface  Conduit
    Represents a captured state of a conduit.
    interface  Container
    Represents a captured state of a container block.
    interface  CreatureSpawner
    Represents a captured state of a creature spawner.
    interface  DaylightDetector
    Represents a captured state of a (possibly inverted) daylight detector.
    interface  Dispenser
    Represents a captured state of a dispenser.
    interface  Dropper
    Represents a captured state of a dropper.
    interface  EnchantingTable
    Represents a captured state of an enchanting table.
    interface  EnderChest
    Represents a captured state of an ender chest.
    interface  EndGateway
    Represents a captured state of an end gateway.
    interface  EntityBlockStorage<T extends Entity>
    Represents a captured state of a block which stores entities.
    interface  Furnace
    Represents a captured state of a furnace.
    interface  Hopper
    Represents a captured state of a hopper.
    interface  Jigsaw
    Represents a captured state of a jigsaw.
    interface  Jukebox
    Represents a captured state of a jukebox.
    interface  Lectern
    Represents a captured state of a lectern.
    interface  ShulkerBox
    Represents a captured state of a ShulkerBox.
    interface  Sign
    Represents a captured state of either a SignPost or a WallSign.
    interface  Skull
    Represents a captured state of a skull block.
    interface  Smoker
    Represents a captured state of a smoker.
    interface  Structure
    Represents a structure block that can save and load blocks from a file.
    interface  TileState
    Represents a block state that also hosts a tile entity at the given location.
  • Uses of Metadatable in org.bukkit.entity

    Subinterfaces of Metadatable in org.bukkit.entity 
    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  AbstractArrow
    Represents an arrow.
    interface  AbstractHorse
    Represents a Horse-like creature.
    interface  AbstractVillager
    Represents a villager NPC
    interface  Ageable
    Represents an entity that can age.
    interface  Ambient
    Represents an ambient mob
    interface  Animals
    Represents an Animal.
    interface  AreaEffectCloud
    Represents an area effect cloud which will imbue a potion effect onto entities which enter it.
    interface  ArmorStand  
    interface  Arrow  
    interface  Bat
    Represents a Bat
    interface  Bee
    Represents a Bee.
    interface  Blaze
    Represents a Blaze monster
    interface  Boat
    Represents a boat entity.
    interface  Boss
    Represents the Boss Entity.
    interface  Breedable
    Represents an entity that can age and breed.
    interface  Cat
    interface  CaveSpider
    Represents a Spider.
    interface  ChestedHorse
    Represents Horse-like creatures which can carry an inventory.
    interface  Chicken
    Represents a Chicken.
    interface  Cod
    Represents a cod fish.
    interface  ComplexEntityPart
    Represents a single part of a ComplexLivingEntity
    interface  ComplexLivingEntity
    Represents a complex living entity - one that is made up of various smaller parts
    interface  Cow
    Represents a Cow.
    interface  Creature
    Represents a Creature.
    interface  Creeper
    Represents a Creeper
    interface  Damageable
    Represents an Entity that has health and can take damage.
    interface  Dolphin  
    interface  Donkey
    Represents a Donkey - variant of ChestedHorse.
    interface  DragonFireball  
    interface  Drowned
    Drowned zombie.
    interface  Egg
    Represents a thrown egg.
    interface  ElderGuardian
    Represents an ElderGuardian - variant of Guardian.
    interface  EnderCrystal
    A crystal that heals nearby EnderDragons
    interface  EnderDragon
    Represents an Ender Dragon
    interface  EnderDragonPart
    Represents an ender dragon part
    interface  Enderman
    Represents an Enderman.
    interface  Endermite  
    interface  EnderPearl
    Represents a thrown Ender Pearl entity
    interface  EnderSignal
    Represents an EnderSignal, which is created upon throwing an ender eye.
    interface  Entity
    Represents a base entity in the world
    interface  Evoker
    Represents an Evoker "Illager".
    interface  EvokerFangs
    Represents Evoker Fangs.
    interface  ExperienceOrb
    Represents an Experience Orb.
    interface  Explosive
    A representation of an explosive entity
    interface  FallingBlock
    Represents a falling block
    interface  Fireball
    Represents a Fireball.
    interface  Firework  
    interface  Fish
    Represents a fish entity.
    interface  FishHook
    Represents a fishing hook.
    interface  Flying
    Represents a Flying Entity.
    interface  Fox
    What does the fox say?
    interface  Ghast
    Represents a Ghast.
    interface  Giant
    Represents a Giant.
    interface  Golem
    A mechanical creature that may harm enemies.
    interface  Guardian  
    interface  Hanging
    Represents a Hanging entity
    interface  Hoglin
    Represents a Hoglin.
    interface  Horse
    Represents a Horse.
    interface  HumanEntity
    Represents a human entity, such as an NPC or a player
    interface  Husk
    Represents a Husk - variant of Zombie.
    interface  Illager
    Represents a type of "Illager".
    interface  Illusioner
    Represents an Illusioner "Illager".
    interface  IronGolem
    An iron Golem that protects Villages.
    interface  Item
    Represents a dropped item.
    interface  ItemFrame
    Represents an Item Frame
    interface  LargeFireball
    Represents a large Fireball
    interface  LeashHitch
    Represents a Leash Hitch on a fence
    interface  LightningStrike
    Represents an instance of a lightning strike.
    interface  LingeringPotion
    lingering status depends on only on the potion item.
    interface  LivingEntity
    Represents a living entity, such as a monster or player
    interface  Llama
    Represents a Llama.
    interface  LlamaSpit
    Represents Llama spit.
    interface  MagmaCube
    Represents a MagmaCube.
    interface  Minecart
    Represents a minecart entity.
    interface  Mob
    Represents a Mob.
    interface  Monster
    Represents a Monster.
    interface  Mule
    Represents a Mule - variant of ChestedHorse.
    interface  MushroomCow
    Represents a mushroom Cow
    interface  NPC
    Represents a non-player character
    interface  Ocelot
    A wild tameable cat
    interface  Painting
    Represents a Painting.
    interface  Panda
    Panda entity.
    interface  Parrot
    Represents a Parrot.
    interface  Phantom
    Represents a phantom.
    interface  Pig
    Represents a Pig.
    interface  Piglin
    Represents a Piglin.
    interface  PiglinAbstract
    Piglin / Piglin Brute.
    interface  PiglinBrute
    Represents a Piglin Brute.
    interface  PigZombie
    Represents a Pig Zombie.
    interface  Pillager
    Illager entity.
    interface  Player
    Represents a player, connected or not
    interface  PolarBear
    Represents a polar bear.
    interface  Projectile
    Represents a shootable entity.
    interface  PufferFish
    Represents a puffer fish.
    interface  Rabbit  
    interface  Raider  
    interface  Ravager
    Illager beast.
    interface  Salmon
    Represents a salmon fish.
    interface  Sheep
    Represents a Sheep.
    interface  Shulker  
    interface  ShulkerBullet  
    interface  Silverfish
    Represents a Silverfish.
    interface  SizedFireball
    Represents a sized fireball.
    interface  Skeleton
    Represents a Skeleton.
    interface  SkeletonHorse
    Represents a SkeletonHorse - variant of AbstractHorse.
    interface  Slime
    Represents a Slime.
    interface  SmallFireball
    Represents a small Fireball
    interface  Snowball
    Represents a snowball.
    interface  Snowman
    Represents a snowman entity
    interface  SpectralArrow
    Represents a spectral arrow.
    interface  Spellcaster
    Represents a spell casting "Illager".
    interface  Spider
    Represents a Spider.
    interface  SplashPotion
    splash status depends on only on the potion item.
    interface  Squid
    Represents a Squid.
    interface  Steerable
    Represents an entity which may be saddled, ridden and steered using an item.
    interface  Stray
    Represents a Stray - variant of Skeleton.
    interface  Strider
    Represents a Strider.
    interface  Tameable  
    interface  ThrowableProjectile  
    interface  ThrownExpBottle
    Represents a thrown Experience bottle.
    interface  ThrownPotion
    Represents a thrown potion bottle
    interface  TippedArrow
    tipped status depends only on base potion type not being UNCRAFTABLE and effects being empty.
    interface  TNTPrimed
    Represents a Primed TNT.
    interface  TraderLlama
    Represents a trader Llama.
    interface  Trident
    Represents a thrown trident.
    interface  TropicalFish
    Tropical fish.
    interface  Turtle
    Represents a turtle.
    interface  Vehicle
    Represents a vehicle entity.
    interface  Vex
    Represents a Vex.
    interface  Villager
    Represents a villager NPC
    interface  Vindicator
    Represents a Vindicator.
    interface  WanderingTrader
    Represents a wandering trader NPC
    interface  WaterMob
    Represents a Water Mob
    interface  Witch
    Represents a Witch
    interface  Wither
    Represents a Wither boss
    interface  WitherSkeleton
    Represents a WitherSkeleton - variant of Skeleton.
    interface  WitherSkull
    Represents a wither skull Fireball.
    interface  Wolf
    Represents a Wolf
    interface  Zoglin
    Represents a Zoglin.
    interface  Zombie
    Represents a Zombie.
    interface  ZombieHorse
    Represents a ZombieHorse - variant of AbstractHorse.
    interface  ZombieVillager
    Represents a Zombie which was once a Villager.
  • Uses of Metadatable in org.bukkit.entity.minecart

    Subinterfaces of Metadatable in org.bukkit.entity.minecart 
    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    interface  CommandMinecart  
    interface  ExplosiveMinecart
    Represents a Minecart with TNT inside it that can explode when triggered.
    interface  HopperMinecart
    Represents a Minecart with a Hopper inside it
    interface  PoweredMinecart
    Represents a powered minecart.
    interface  RideableMinecart
    Represents a minecart that can have certain entities as passengers.
    interface  SpawnerMinecart
    Represents a Minecart with an entity spawner inside it.
    interface  StorageMinecart
    Represents a minecart with a chest.