Class ChunkUnloadEvent

public class ChunkUnloadEvent extends ChunkEvent
Called when a chunk is unloaded
  • Constructor Details

    • ChunkUnloadEvent

      public ChunkUnloadEvent(@NotNull Chunk chunk)
    • ChunkUnloadEvent

      public ChunkUnloadEvent(@NotNull Chunk chunk, boolean save)
  • Method Details

    • isSaveChunk

      public boolean isSaveChunk()
      Return whether this chunk will be saved to disk.
      chunk save status
    • setSaveChunk

      public void setSaveChunk(boolean saveChunk)
      Set whether this chunk will be saved to disk.
      saveChunk - chunk save status
    • getHandlers

      @NotNull public HandlerList getHandlers()
      Specified by:
      getHandlers in class Event
    • getHandlerList

      @NotNull public static HandlerList getHandlerList()