Class ServerCommandEvent

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public class ServerCommandEvent
extends ServerEvent
implements Cancellable
This event is called when a command is run by a non-player. It is called early in the command handling process, and modifications in this event (via setCommand(String)) will be shown in the behavior.

Many plugins will have no use for this event, and you should attempt to avoid using it if it is not necessary.

Some examples of valid uses for this event are:

  • Logging executed commands to a separate file
  • Variable substitution. For example, replacing ${ip:Steve} with the connection IP of the player named Steve, or simulating the @a and @p decorators used by Command Blocks for plugins that do not handle it.
  • Conditionally blocking commands belonging to other plugins.
  • Per-sender command aliases. For example, after the console runs the command /calias cr gamemode creative, the next time they run /cr, it gets replaced into /gamemode creative. (Global command aliases should be done by registering the alias.)

Examples of incorrect uses are:

  • Using this event to run command logic

If the event is cancelled, processing of the command will halt.

The state of whether or not there is a slash (/) at the beginning of the message should be preserved. If a slash is added or removed, unexpected behavior may result.