Class BlockMultiPlaceEvent

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public class BlockMultiPlaceEvent extends BlockPlaceEvent
Fired when a single block placement action of a player triggers the creation of multiple blocks(e.g. placing a bed block). The block returned by BlockPlaceEvent.getBlockPlaced() and its related methods is the block where the placed block would exist if the placement only affected a single block.
  • Constructor Details

    • BlockMultiPlaceEvent

      public BlockMultiPlaceEvent(@NotNull List<BlockState> states, @NotNull Block clicked, @NotNull ItemStack itemInHand, @NotNull Player thePlayer, boolean canBuild)
  • Method Details

    • getReplacedBlockStates

      @NotNull public List<BlockState> getReplacedBlockStates()
      Gets a list of blockstates for all blocks which were replaced by the placement of the new blocks. Most of these blocks will just have a Material type of AIR.
      immutable list of replaced BlockStates