Interface TNTPrimed

All Superinterfaces:
CommandSender, Entity, Explosive, Metadatable, Nameable, Permissible, PersistentDataHolder, ServerOperator

public interface TNTPrimed
extends Explosive
Represents a Primed TNT.
  • Method Details

    • setFuseTicks

      void setFuseTicks​(int fuseTicks)
      Set the number of ticks until the TNT blows up after being primed.
      fuseTicks - The fuse ticks
    • getFuseTicks

      int getFuseTicks()
      Retrieve the number of ticks until the explosion of this TNTPrimed entity
      the number of ticks until this TNTPrimed explodes
    • getSource

      @Nullable Entity getSource()
      Gets the source of this primed TNT. The source is the entity responsible for the creation of this primed TNT. (I.E. player ignites TNT with flint and steel.) Take note that this can be null if there is no suitable source. (created by the World.spawn(Location, Class) method, for example.)

      The source will become null if the chunk this primed TNT is in is unloaded then reloaded. The source entity may be invalid if for example it has since died or been unloaded. Callers should check Entity.isValid().

      the source of this primed TNT