Class SpawnerEntry.Equipment

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public static class SpawnerEntry.Equipment extends Object
Represents the equipment loot table applied to a spawned entity.
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    • setEquipmentLootTable

      public void setEquipmentLootTable(@NotNull LootTable table)
      Set the loot table for the entity.
      To remove a loot table use null. Do not use LootTables.EMPTY to clear a LootTable.
      table - this Mob will have.
    • getEquipmentLootTable

      @NotNull public LootTable getEquipmentLootTable()
      Gets the loot table for the entity.
      If an entity does not have a loot table, this will return null, NOT an empty loot table.
      the loot table for this entity.
    • getDropChances

      @NotNull public Map<EquipmentSlot,Float> getDropChances()
      Gets a mutable map of the drop chances for each slot of the entity. If non-null, the entity's drop chances will be overridden with the given value.
      mutable map of drop chances