Interface SculkCatalyst

All Superinterfaces:
BlockState, Metadatable, PersistentDataHolder, TileState

public interface SculkCatalyst extends TileState
Represents a captured state of a sculk catalyst.
  • Method Details

    • bloom

      void bloom(@NotNull Block block, int charges)
      Causes a new sculk bloom, as if an entity just died around this catalyst.

      Typically, charges should be set to the exp reward of a mob (EntityDeathEvent.getDroppedExp()), which is usually 3-5 for animals, and 5-10 for the average mob (up to 50 for wither skeletons). Roughly speaking, for each charge, 1 more sculk block will be placed.

      If charges > 1000, multiple cursors will be spawned in the block.

      block - which block to spawn the cursor in
      charges - how much charge to spawn.