Interface ProfileBanList

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public interface ProfileBanList extends BanList<PlayerProfile>
A BanList targeting player profile bans.
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    • addBan

      @Nullable BanEntry<PlayerProfile> addBan(@NotNull PlayerProfile target, @Nullable String reason, @Nullable Date expires, @Nullable String source)
      Adds a ban to this list. If a previous ban exists, this will update the previous entry.
      Specified by:
      addBan in interface BanList<PlayerProfile>
      target - the target of the ban
      reason - reason for the ban, null indicates implementation default
      expires - date for the ban's expiration (unban), or null to imply forever
      source - source of the ban, null indicates implementation default
      the entry for the newly created ban, or the entry for the (updated) previous ban
      IllegalArgumentException - if ProfilePlayer has an invalid UUID