Package org.bukkit

Interface Keyed

All Known Subinterfaces:
Advancement, ComplexRecipe, DamageType, DataPack, FeatureFlag, KeyedBossBar, LootTable, Tag<T>, TrimMaterial, TrimPattern, World
All Known Implementing Classes:
Art, Attribute, Biome, BlastingRecipe, CampfireRecipe, Cat.Type, CookingRecipe, CraftingRecipe, Enchantment, EnchantmentWrapper, EntityType, Fluid, Frog.Variant, FurnaceRecipe, GameEvent, LootTables, Material, MemoryKey, MusicInstrument, Particle, PatternType, PotionEffectType, PotionEffectTypeWrapper, PotionType, ShapedRecipe, ShapelessRecipe, SmithingRecipe, SmithingTransformRecipe, SmithingTrimRecipe, SmokingRecipe, Sound, Statistic, StonecuttingRecipe, Structure, StructureType, StructureType, Villager.Profession, Villager.Type

public interface Keyed
Represents an object which has a NamespacedKey attached to it.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Return the namespaced identifier for this object.
  • Method Details

    • getKey

      @NotNull NamespacedKey getKey()
      Return the namespaced identifier for this object.
      this object's key